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There aren’t many weddings these days where the tradition of giving wedding favors is not followed. Guests arrive at the reception & take their places at their tables, only to be greeted by a cute little package sitting on their place setting. However in recent years, placing favors at guest’s table settings has been dismissed by imaginative brides who have chosen other, more creative ways of distributing these delightful little gifts.

Choosing your Wedding Favors

When it comes to selecting your wedding favors, the sheer variety of choice is likely to make your selections a near impossible task. Whilst some will want to choose a favor which will appeal to all their guests, others will be concerned about cost & not blowing the budget. But there are choices of favor available which won’t cost a fortune & can appeal to everyone.

Edible wedding favors are always a popular choice & never fail to delight. Traditionally sugared Jordan almonds were the favor of choice, but these days there is a wealth of different edibles to choose from. Cookies are perennial favorite amongst brides as they come in various shapes & sixes & can be customized as you wish. Other ideas include luxury customized chocolate bars, miniature cakes, mints & other more unusual items such as maple syrup, honey or hot sauce (however, guests can’t really sit & munch on these whilst waiting for the first course!).

If your wedding is to be a small intimate affair with only a small number of guests, then you may find it possible to buy individual gifts for each guest. I would suggest a maximum number of 30 guests for this approach, otherwise you may find yourself overwhelmed with the task! If you do go for individual favors, make sure they are clearly labeled & placed on the correct place setting or you could find your carefully chosen gifts in the wrong hands!


Donation to charity – some couples choose to give their favor budget to charity or a number of causes. This is a great idea particularly if you are affluent & feel your guests would appreciate this gesture more than a mini box of sweets! You can inform your guests of the donation by placing a card on their place setting telling them ‘in lieu of a wedding favor we have made a donation of $… to the …………….’

The important thing to remember about wedding favors is they are intended as a small token of appreciation from you to your guests as a thank you for sharing your special day with you. Your choice should reflect your own personalities, tastes & coordinate with your wedding theme or style. Whether you choose edible cookies or a useful keepsake, your guests will appreciate your efforts & the gesture you have made.

There are other less traditional alternatives for wedding favors. These can be innovative & cost effective choices, whilst delighting your guests with something a little different from the norm.

These ideas include: Lottery tickets – this idea has been around for a while now & revolves around giving each guest a single lottery ticket. Stationers have cottoned onto the trend & produce specially designed envelopes or cards for lottery favors. You may however, want to consider how you would feel should one of your guests win big with a ticket you purchased!

Try creating your wedding favors as centerpieces. Use a large decorative bowl filled with a selection of candy & chocolates, from which guests can help themselves. Provide some small boxes or bags & a little scoop so they can take some home with them. This s great solution to giving something which will appeal to all & will allow guests to pick out what they like.

Another version of this which has been popular in recent years is a candy bar or station. Arrange jars, bottles & bowls filled with candy & chocolates on a small table & again provide scoops & bags so guests can help themselves. This is a good idea if you have a larger budget for your favors & can afford to offer a wide variety of sweet treats.

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Trends in Baby Showers

Everyone loves a party, and what better reason can there be to celebrate than the imminent arrival of a new baby? A baby shower has usually been an event for the mother-to-be with friends and family where whacky games are played, cake is eaten, and lots of baby gifts are given. But now, with our every changing world, many expectant families are opting to try a different version of the baby shower. With changing tastes and new things available through technology, there are several trends in baby showers that are emerging.

Green showers have become very popular. Instead of buying new items for the baby, parents request that ‘gently used’ items be given. To take it a step further, go paperless in the wrapping of the gifts. Instead of purchasing gift wrap or bags, use newspaper, cloth diapers, or baby blankets to wrap the present. Take care with items such as a car seat, to make sure it hasn’t been in an accident or recalled.

Another very popular shower is the book shower. Instead of traditional baby gifts, guests are asked to bring books. Many parents are using educational programs to start babies reading early on, so having a ready library of books will help with their early education. The books can also be used for years to come and be shared with other sibling. Have each guest write an inscription in the front of the book, so the child can read it later.

Traditional showers are usually held for the mother-to-be, while the father-to-be finds someplace else to spend the day. But why not have a shower for Dad? That’s what the man shower does. The father-to-be and all his friends spend a night at a poker party or barbeque or whatever their favorite pass time is, with each guest bringing a gift of diapers. Not only do the men enjoy themselves, but the new family will be supplied with diapers for months to come.

The gender reveal shower is another innovation. There are two options here. The parents can choose to find out the gender of the baby along with everyone else at the shower, or they can reveal the gender to all their friends. For the first option, the parents-to-be make sure the doctor does not reveal the gender to them, but instead writes it down and seals it in an envelope. At the shower, the envelope is opened and everyone finds out the gender at the same time. In the second case, the parents-to-be know the gender, and reveal it at the shower. A unique way to do this is to prepare a cake that is gender neutral on the outside, but has pink or blue coloring on the inside, so the gender is revealed with the first slice of cake.

Technology is changing everything, even showers. Now, it is possible to have a cash registry shower. Instead of asking guests to bring gifts, the expectant parents register for cash itself. Online companies collect the cash and provide cash coupons to give as the shower gift. When they register, the parents can post pictures of the things they plan on buying with the coupons. The guest can then choose what they want their cash to be used for, which is reflected on the coupon. This is very practical for the parents, as they get the items they really need, and there are no duplicate gifts to be returned or exchanged. And if a guest really wants to give that ‘special item’ they can include a coupon along with the gift.

Another type of shower hugely helpful for the mother-to-be is the scrap booking shower. Guests are asked to bring supplies to create 2 scrapbook pages. Instead of playing games, pages are put together, and then put into a scrapbook. Since things are so hectic after the baby is born, the new mother can just add pictures and some details or comments to the pages, and have memories preserved with much less stress.

While baby showers are usually held for the firstborn baby, there is now a trend to throw a ‘sprinkle’ instead of a ‘shower’ for later children. It is scaled down, but still celebrates the birth of the new baby. Gifts usually consist of necessities such as diapers, or a ‘stock the freezer’ theme can be used so the freezer is stocked with food to help the mother through the first few weeks after the birth.

No matter what type of shower is held, celebrating the birth of an infant is always a wonderful time. Expressing all the love and hopes for the child brings friends and family together and allows us all to reflect on the miracle of life.

Beth Moore is a quilter that turned her passion for baby quilts into a website – BabyQuiltComfort.com. Currently, the site offers a wide variety of baby quilts, baby blankets, crib sets, and baby gifts. In the future, hand made quilts will be featured on the site as well.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Beth_E_Moore

5 Reasons Why Personalized Candy Bars Are Popular Wedding Favors

Of all the weddings you have attended, you cannot remember a single instance when you did not shed a tear or two when the bride walked the aisle. Now that it is your turn to do so, you are filled with mixed emotions-happiness, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, worry, fear, and so many more. You cannot be any happier that you have finally met the one whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

However, with so many things to take care of, you cannot help but feel anxious and overwhelmed. You are barely even through with the whole wedding planning and organization.

To begin with, you have not yet decided what kind of wedding favors to give away to your guests. Some friends advise you to have personalized candy bars as wedding favors but you are not that convinced. To help you decide, here are five reasons why many couples prefer this kind of wedding favor.

Reason # 1 – Candy bar wrappers can be customized

Like most brides, you would want your wedding event to be unique and extraordinary. Since candy bar wrappers can be personalized according to your personal tastes and preferences, you can be sure that these would help turn your wedding into a one-of-a-kind occasion.

Reason # 2 – Everyone loves chocolates

Do you know anyone who does not love chocolates? Probably not. It is one of those few things that most people like. There is no need worry about some people not enjoying this type of wedding favor.

Reason # 3 – These are widely available online

The online market is bustling with all sorts of products and services. It is also filled with many suppliers selling candy bar wrappers that come in different designs and styles. Just choose a reliable online merchant that has high quality wrappers printed professionally with high-grade ink.

Reason # 4 – Wrapping chocolates is a breeze

You can do it while watching television, while listening to music, while chatting online, or while doing something that would not require the use of your two hands. Not to mention, you can also ask your bridesmaids to help you do this. Because the work is so easy, they surely would not mind giving you a hand.

Reason # 5 – These are inexpensive but not cheap looking

This is particularly helpful if you are planning to have a budget wedding.  This type of wedding favor would enable you to enjoy extra savings. But the best thing about this is that even though you are saving money on this, you can still end up with beautiful and classy looking favors as long as you pick a sophisticated design and high quality candy wrapper.

Personalized candy wrappers are becoming more and more popular as a wedding favor. Not only would guests be able to take pleasure in chocolate indulgence, they would also be able to keep the wrapper as a wonderful souvenir to your memorable wedding event. You can even add a personal note to each wrapper to make the wedding favor even more special and unforgettable. Be sure to pick a design and text that you and your spouse would both love.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3483115

IRS 1040 Milk Chocolate 2010

IRS 1040 Engraved Milk Chocolate Candy Bar With Matching Wrapper for tax year 2010.
IRS 1040 Milk Chocolate 2010

This engraved chocolate bar will be a great marketing tool to share with current, past and potential clients for your tax accounting business. Want to mail these directly to your clients? Then order our candy bar bubble mailers

Milk Chocolate / Silver Foil
Case of 50 bars
Engraved chocolate matches wrapper
Each bar measures 2 x 5 inches
Each bar weighs 1.2 oz
Order 10 cases and we’ll imprint your logo for FREE

White Candy Bar Bubble Mailer

White Candy Bar Bubble Mailer

White Plastic Bubble Mailing Envelopes for Candy Bars

Now you can mail your individual candy bars! Send grandma and grandpa a birth announcement or mail your party invitations in style.

White Candy Bar Bubble Mailer

Candy Bar bubble mailers are white on the outside and gray on the inside, water-resistant, tear-proof, plastic envelope with a extra smooth surface that is perfect for handwriting or labeling. On the inside is a 3/16″ bubble lining that gently cushions and protects your candy bar while mailing.