Use shapes for a unique wedding decor

When selecting a wedding theme, many people use color to make a beautiful and cohesive statement. Instead of just considering hues, however, you can use a bold shape to create a unique decor on your special day. Just remember to incorporate this theme into everything, from your cake to your wedding favors.

A box-shape is an excellent and simple theme. The form will create a celebratory feel, as it can remind guests of your engagement ring box as well and the beautiful gifts waiting to be opened.

Instead of a traditional round cake, opt for a confection that mimics stacked boxes. This modern take will definitely encourage guests to wonder what is inside the delicious desert.

Circles are also a great shape for a wedding decor, as they will conjure up images of wedding rings and the eternity of marriage. Adorn the space with floral wreathes and arrange candles in rings on the tables.

Of course, don't forget your wedding favors. Select personalized candy bar wrappers that feature images of the shapes as well. Guests will love the freshness of this truly original theme.