How to infuse your wedding ceremony with romance

Weddings are the ultimate celebration of a couple's love for one another, so it makes sense that many pairs about to tie the knot want an intimate and romantic ceremony. However, it can be tricky to think of fantastic decorations that embody the spirit of love without appearing too over-the-top.

Cream-colored accents will appear softer than stark white pieces. Warm colors, layers of sweeping fabric and lots of candles will instantly add a feeling of romance to any space.

Instead of roses and heart-shaped items, which can come across as conventional, opt for decorations that subtly convey romance. Fill glass vases with foil-wrapped Hershey kisses and surround the centerpieces with candles. The candle light will playfully reflect off the glass and the sweet treats.

Chocolate is also often thought of as an aphrodisiac, making it the perfect romantic favor to send home with your guests. Hand out chocolate bars that boast personalized labels – loved ones can keep the wrapper as a memento and nibble on the confection on their way home.