Games at your wedding reception will guarantee post-nuptial fun

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, you may want to entertain guests with games at the reception. While it may seem unconventional, they are actually a fun addition to any post-nuptial celebration.

"Games once restricted to the schoolyard are injecting the latest playful vibe into wedding receptions," Brides magazine reports. "Along with dancing, they make the party more interactive and fun."

When selecting activities, take the venue into account – horseshoes and bocce ball are great at outdoor locales, while limbo and hula hoop contests are ideal inside.

The news source also reminds couples to consider guests' attire – people will likely be wearing formal clothing, so anything that is messy or requires a high level of physical activity, such as Twister or a water-balloon toss, won't be appropriate.

As a fun treat, personalize your wedding favor candy wrappers with decorations that will remind guests of the fun games at your ceremony. If you set up Ping-Pong, for example, include an image of a paddle.