Buying the perfect wedding gift

Getting wedding invitations in the mail is one of the most exciting things that can happen. It's always nice to feel appreciated, and being asked to take part in the most important day of a friend's life is a humbling experience. Of course, soon afterwards this gives way to worrying about what to buy the newly-betrothed! Wedding presents are one of those grand thank you gifts that lets you make a statement about how you feel about the couple. Here are a few suggestions to make sure yours really hits its mark.

A coffeemaker is always going to be appreciated. It is guaranteed regular use and a bit different from all the fine china coming the newlywed's way. You can make it into an extra-personalized gift by throwing in a pound or two of your favorite local roast.

A high-quality mixer alone won't make anyone the next Emeril, but it's a wonderful gift that will be sure to please. Kick it up a notch by including a beloved recipe from your own cookbook. This will add that personal flare to really make your present stick out.