Trends in Baby Showers

Everyone loves a party, and what better reason can there be to celebrate than the imminent arrival of a new baby? A baby shower has usually been an event for the mother-to-be with friends and family where whacky games are played, cake is eaten, and lots of baby gifts are given. But now, with our every changing world, many expectant families are opting to try a different version of the baby shower. With changing tastes and new things available through technology, there are several trends in baby showers that are emerging.

Green showers have become very popular. Instead of buying new items for the baby, parents request that ‘gently used’ items be given. To take it a step further, go paperless in the wrapping of the gifts. Instead of purchasing gift wrap or bags, use newspaper, cloth diapers, or baby blankets to wrap the present. Take care with items such as a car seat, to make sure it hasn’t been in an accident or recalled.

Another very popular shower is the book shower. Instead of traditional baby gifts, guests are asked to bring books. Many parents are using educational programs to start babies reading early on, so having a ready library of books will help with their early education. The books can also be used for years to come and be shared with other sibling. Have each guest write an inscription in the front of the book, so the child can read it later.

Traditional showers are usually held for the mother-to-be, while the father-to-be finds someplace else to spend the day. But why not have a shower for Dad? That’s what the man shower does. The father-to-be and all his friends spend a night at a poker party or barbeque or whatever their favorite pass time is, with each guest bringing a gift of diapers. Not only do the men enjoy themselves, but the new family will be supplied with diapers for months to come.

The gender reveal shower is another innovation. There are two options here. The parents can choose to find out the gender of the baby along with everyone else at the shower, or they can reveal the gender to all their friends. For the first option, the parents-to-be make sure the doctor does not reveal the gender to them, but instead writes it down and seals it in an envelope. At the shower, the envelope is opened and everyone finds out the gender at the same time. In the second case, the parents-to-be know the gender, and reveal it at the shower. A unique way to do this is to prepare a cake that is gender neutral on the outside, but has pink or blue coloring on the inside, so the gender is revealed with the first slice of cake.

Technology is changing everything, even showers. Now, it is possible to have a cash registry shower. Instead of asking guests to bring gifts, the expectant parents register for cash itself. Online companies collect the cash and provide cash coupons to give as the shower gift. When they register, the parents can post pictures of the things they plan on buying with the coupons. The guest can then choose what they want their cash to be used for, which is reflected on the coupon. This is very practical for the parents, as they get the items they really need, and there are no duplicate gifts to be returned or exchanged. And if a guest really wants to give that ‘special item’ they can include a coupon along with the gift.

Another type of shower hugely helpful for the mother-to-be is the scrap booking shower. Guests are asked to bring supplies to create 2 scrapbook pages. Instead of playing games, pages are put together, and then put into a scrapbook. Since things are so hectic after the baby is born, the new mother can just add pictures and some details or comments to the pages, and have memories preserved with much less stress.

While baby showers are usually held for the firstborn baby, there is now a trend to throw a ‘sprinkle’ instead of a ‘shower’ for later children. It is scaled down, but still celebrates the birth of the new baby. Gifts usually consist of necessities such as diapers, or a ‘stock the freezer’ theme can be used so the freezer is stocked with food to help the mother through the first few weeks after the birth.

No matter what type of shower is held, celebrating the birth of an infant is always a wonderful time. Expressing all the love and hopes for the child brings friends and family together and allows us all to reflect on the miracle of life.

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