Wedding favors that will leave your guests satisfied

There's no better way to ensure that your wedding guests feel are beaming after the reception than to leave them with a goodie bag filled with personalized gifts. Here are a few party favor ideas that will make your reception that much more special for those in attendance.

While champagne flutes and bottle stoppers may have once been popular wedding favors, many couples nowadays are looking for a personal touch that really leaves their guests feeling appreciated.

There are a ton of options when deciding what to put in these grab bags. If you or your newly-betrothed have a favorite candy bar you can include it with a personalized candy wrapper. A tin of mints is another classic choice.

Perhaps you'd like to give something with a little more – shall we say – utility. A personalized shot glass is a gift that will find itself in use for years to come!

Whatever you decide, have each bag labeled and waiting for its owner at his or her chair as they enter the reception hall. Attaching a little thank you note to the bag is a nice way to make your guests feel welcome.