Throw an Earth Day party

Earth Day is a holiday that is forgotten about all-too-often. With new trends towards energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, however, now's the time to draw attention to mother Earth and her needs. Throw an Earth Day party and you just might open some eyes!

Consider sending electronic invitations to this shindig. You will cut back on paper costs and maybe even save a tree or two. If you enjoy giving yourself little projects you can turn old Christmas and birthday cards into something totally new.

Request that your guests bring one recyclable item as their cost of admission. Set up a small bin at the party's entrance where they can throw their empty jugs or cans. Decorating is simple enough if you stick to natural colors like blue and green. Make sure to recycle your paper products when the party's over!

You can come up with some really fun party favor ideas for an Earth Day party, too. You can find small globe keychains at most party supply stores. If you're feeling industrious you can give away small plants and seedlings placed in used coffee jars and yogurt cups.