Start planning now for the ultimate graduation bash

One of the fondest memories people have is of their graduations. It's safe to say there's nothing as wonderful as holding a diploma in your hand and being certain that your hard work has paid off.

If you currently know someone who is about to don a cap and gown and take part in a special ceremony, why not start planning for a fantastic party? Although some shindigs require a careful amount of coordination, the truth is that this is one affair that doesn't need much pomp and circumstance.

Send out invitations that pay homage to their achievements. Stationery emblazoned with cute images of pencils and notebooks is sure to be appreciated by all.

Also, make sure you decorate accordingly. A nifty idea is to have the event space adorned with photos of the guest of honor throughout the years, a move that will allow party attendees to take note of how far they've come.

Finally, stock up on birthday party favors. Goodie bags stuffed with delectable treats or even personalized lollipops will be gone in two seconds flat.