Sweet treats are ideal for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day cards for kids, the possibilities are almost endless.

Of course, homemade valentines featuring red hearts, glitter and doilies are precious. But they can be time-consuming to make, especially when creating gifts for a classroom full of your child's friends.

Store-bought valentines come in a variety of themes to appeal to nearly any child. Valentines that feature princesses and sports themes as well as television, cartoon and movie characters, are all available. However, these cards are often small and can be impersonal.

Many children choose to attach a lollipop, candy bar or other treat to their cards as well.

Personalized candy wrappers can serve as both card and treat when printed with your child's name.

These sweet treats are available for both full-sized bars and miniature bars.

Designs vary and include lady bugs, hearts and puppies. Many have a space to write the recipient's name and are personalized with your child's. For instance, the wrapper may say "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front, while the back leaves a blank space for the "To" and is pre-printed with your child's name next to "From."

Non-personalized Valentine's Day candy is also available. These chocolate treats include candy bars and foil-wrapped chocolate hearts or flowers.