Put leftover Valentine’s Day doilies to good use

Now that February 14th has passed and the Valentine's Day candy has been consumed, many people may have leftover decorations that they don't know what to do with. Instead of throwing them out or packing them away until next year, why not put them to good use?

According to Real Simple magazine, paper doilies can serve many purposes aside from decorating Valentine's Day cards. If you are preparing to travel, a doily can make transporting your earrings easy. Simply fasten the studs through the small holes in the paper and stack the doily in your suitcase.

However, not everybody is planning on taking a trip, but doilies can also come in handy in the kitchen when decorating a dessert.

"Press a doily flat on top of a round cake and, using a fine-mesh sieve, sprinkle confectioners' sugar liberally over the surface," the publication advises. "Use two hands to carefully remove the doily post-dusting."

Finally, you can use this Valentine's Day decoration for pretty baby shower favors. Simply roll the doily into a cone, secure with tape and fill with some sweet treats.