Middleton invites townspeople to royal wedding

While Sarah Ferguson may not have made the list, People Magazine is reporting that Kate Middleton surprised everyone by extending invites to local personalities from her hometown of Bucklebury. According to the news source, Middleton requested that the grocers, postman and a local tavern owner be given wedding invitations.

Hash Shingadia, a shopkeep, told the news outlet that he was "over the moon" when he and his wife saw the royal seal on their invitation to the April 29 ceremony. Shingadia has known Middleton for about four years and has had the pleasure of meeting Prince William a few times as well.

Another lucky Bucklebury resident is John Hanley, who owns the Old Boot Inn, where the couple have stopped in for drinks a few times. Hanley told the news source that he was overjoyed to receive an invite and that he plans on attending the wedding as well as a celebration back in town afterwards.

The recipients will only need to travel about 50 miles to reach London. It was recently announced, according to the BBC, that the ceremony will be held at Westminster Abbey.