Cameo Silhouette Anniversary Candy Bar Wrapper

Cameo Silhouette Anniversary 1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrapper. Simple. Elegant. Perfect. These custom candy bar wrappers will be a perfect fit at your wedding anniversary party. Add a splash of color to the wrapper or change the foil color to match the theme of your party or leave the wrappers in their understated state to keep focus and attention on the guests of honor. These party favors will leave a lasting impression and memory of your wonderful achievement and commitment to each other,

Creative and thoughtful thank you gifts

In today's fast-paced society, one tradition that has sadly fallen by the wayside is the giving of thank you gifts. Whether it's a neighbor shoveling your driveway, a teacher writing you a recommendation or just simple employee appreciation, make them feel extra-special by sending along a little token of your thanks. Here are a few ideas for some unique and affordable thank you gifts that will help you properly express your gratitude.

There are, of course, plenty of gift baskets you can buy that will do the trick, but a personal touch will show that you've really put thought into your gift (and save you money!) Personalized candy wrappers with "thank you" written on them are an effective and cute way to make your present a memorable one. Throw a few of these into a box of homemade cookies and you've got yourself a package anyone would be happy to receive.

Of course, don't forget to include a note! A simple "thank you for your help" will go a long way towards making your recipient feel appreciated.