Keep your party lively with baby shower bingo

Baby showers are a sweet and fun way to prepare expectant parents for motherhood. However, it can be difficult to dream up new activities to keep the gathering from feeling like every other shower guests have intended.

However, there is one game you can play that doesn't break away too far from classic shower traditions but will still make the party feel fresh – baby shower bingo!

Draw bingo cards that feature shower gifts from the registry in each box instead of numbers. As the mom-to-be opens each present, X-out the corresponding space on the card. As soon as a gal has crossed out five in a row, prompt her to yell "Bingo!" and present her with a baby shower favor.

But remember – there can only be so many bingo winners. You don't want any guests to leave empty-handed so stock up on enough baby shower favors for each attendee.

Personalized candy bars with a message printed on the wrappers make excellent treats to send your guests home with, and you can also opt for smaller items like stickers or magnets.