Help!? How many minis should I order?

Question:  How many miniature candy bars should I order for my event?

Short answer:  We recommend about 3-4 per person.

Long answer:  It depends on how many guest are attending and how you will display them.  If you are having a candy buffet with alot of other candies and treats, you probably will only need 100-200 to fill a bowl.  If you have 10 tables at a wedding you will probably want so scatter 30-50 per table for a sweet candy treat or conversation piece.  So you’ll need about 300-500 candies.  If you find youself needing more, you can always re-order more of your same design and they will ship the same or next business day.


This question gets asked alot so we’re here to help get a visual on what 100 ~ 200 ~ 300 miniature Hershey’s Candy Bars looks like.


100 Hershey's chocolate bars

100 Hershey’s chocolate bars

200 Hershey's chocolate bars

200 Hershey’s chocolate bars

300 Hershey's chocolate bars

300 Hershey’s chocolate bars

Order 300 personalized miniature candy bars by 4/16 and take $50 off your order.  Use coupon code TAXDAY to receive $50.00 off.

300 miniature candy bars must be the same design to receive discount.

Try customizing your minis today and see a preview live online!

Zombie Bride and Groom Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper

Zombie Bride and Groom
1.55 oz Hershey’s® Candy Bar Wrappers

Are you having a zombie themed wedding or reception? Then these zombie bride and groom themed wedding wrappers will be a perfect addition to you wedding day. Choose from three tastefully created wrappers that will show your eternal commitment and dying devotion to your love. Party favors like these candy bars will be a sure hit with your friends and family.

Zombie themed wedding candy bar wrapper


Product Info
Shown with Red Foil
Hair, Eye and Stripe color can be changed
Font – Carnivalee
Font Color – Black / Dark Red
Font / graphic color can be matched to foil color




Zombies kissing wedding wrapper


Product Info
Shown with Red Foil
Hair, Eye and Stripe color can be changed
Font – Carnivalee
Font Color – Black / Dark Red
Font / graphic color can be matched to foil color




Zombies with flowers candy bar wrappers


Product Info
Shown with Red Foil
Stripe and Font colors can be changed, graphic color cannot be changed
Font – Carnivalee
Font Color – Black / Dark Red




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Sweet Wedding Favors plus Free Shipping thru 10/31

There aren’t many weddings these days where the tradition of giving wedding favors is not followed. Guests arrive at the reception & take their places at their tables, only to be greeted by a cute little package sitting on their place setting. However in recent years, placing favors at guest’s table settings has been dismissed by imaginative brides who have chosen other, more creative ways of distributing these delightful little gifts.

Choosing your Wedding Favors

When it comes to selecting your wedding favors, the sheer variety of choice is likely to make your selections a near impossible task. Whilst some will want to choose a favor which will appeal to all their guests, others will be concerned about cost & not blowing the budget. But there are choices of favor available which won’t cost a fortune & can appeal to everyone.

Edible wedding favors are always a popular choice & never fail to delight. Traditionally sugared Jordan almonds were the favor of choice, but these days there is a wealth of different edibles to choose from. Cookies are perennial favorite amongst brides as they come in various shapes & sixes & can be customized as you wish. Other ideas include luxury customized chocolate bars, miniature cakes, mints & other more unusual items such as maple syrup, honey or hot sauce (however, guests can’t really sit & munch on these whilst waiting for the first course!).

If your wedding is to be a small intimate affair with only a small number of guests, then you may find it possible to buy individual gifts for each guest. I would suggest a maximum number of 30 guests for this approach, otherwise you may find yourself overwhelmed with the task! If you do go for individual favors, make sure they are clearly labeled & placed on the correct place setting or you could find your carefully chosen gifts in the wrong hands!


Donation to charity – some couples choose to give their favor budget to charity or a number of causes. This is a great idea particularly if you are affluent & feel your guests would appreciate this gesture more than a mini box of sweets! You can inform your guests of the donation by placing a card on their place setting telling them ‘in lieu of a wedding favor we have made a donation of $… to the …………….’

The important thing to remember about wedding favors is they are intended as a small token of appreciation from you to your guests as a thank you for sharing your special day with you. Your choice should reflect your own personalities, tastes & coordinate with your wedding theme or style. Whether you choose edible cookies or a useful keepsake, your guests will appreciate your efforts & the gesture you have made.

There are other less traditional alternatives for wedding favors. These can be innovative & cost effective choices, whilst delighting your guests with something a little different from the norm.

These ideas include: Lottery tickets – this idea has been around for a while now & revolves around giving each guest a single lottery ticket. Stationers have cottoned onto the trend & produce specially designed envelopes or cards for lottery favors. You may however, want to consider how you would feel should one of your guests win big with a ticket you purchased!

Try creating your wedding favors as centerpieces. Use a large decorative bowl filled with a selection of candy & chocolates, from which guests can help themselves. Provide some small boxes or bags & a little scoop so they can take some home with them. This s great solution to giving something which will appeal to all & will allow guests to pick out what they like.

Another version of this which has been popular in recent years is a candy bar or station. Arrange jars, bottles & bowls filled with candy & chocolates on a small table & again provide scoops & bags so guests can help themselves. This is a good idea if you have a larger budget for your favors & can afford to offer a wide variety of sweet treats.

Get FREE SHIPPING on personalized orders over $50.00.  Use coupon code HALFREESHIP thru 10/31/2011 for free shipping on your personalized order of $50 or more. house a vendor database and endless array of superlative bridal products which extends to almost every single state in the nation. This wedding directory offer different kinds of wedding favors from the most renowned companies in the wedding industry.

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Simple line photo candy bar wrappers for your “sweet” day!





Simple, Elegant and Fun! Show off a fun side of the bride and groom with these photo candy bar wrappers. The line on the front can be changed to any color or match your foil color.  Order the matching miniature wrappers with a different photo for a “sweet” touch.

Shown with Silver Foil
Font – Champignon
Font Color – Black

Custom Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Purple and Orange Polka Dots Water Bottle Labels


Looking for a cool and fun wedding favor for your summer wedding! Personalized water bottle labels are perfect to set out on your reception tables for your guests. Add a touch of your personality by customizing the colors to your wedding colors or add a fun photo to the label. We offer many trendy designs and any colors can be changed to match your party. These labels are fully waterproof and will not smear or come off when wet.

Wedding Water Bottle Labels are printed on a fully waterproof poly self adhesive label

Self adhesive water bottle labels are 2 inch x 8 1/2 inch will fit most 16.9 fl oz or 8 fl oz water bottle.  Also available for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation, business or create your own design.

  • Self Adhesive Waterproof Water Bottle Labels
  • 2 x 8.5 inches
  • Fits most 16.9 fl oz and 8 fl oz water bottles
  • Color of dots and text can be changed
  • Font style can be changed
  • Printed on fully waterproof white poly self adhesive label

5 Reasons Why Personalized Candy Bars Are Popular Wedding Favors

Of all the weddings you have attended, you cannot remember a single instance when you did not shed a tear or two when the bride walked the aisle. Now that it is your turn to do so, you are filled with mixed emotions-happiness, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, worry, fear, and so many more. You cannot be any happier that you have finally met the one whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

However, with so many things to take care of, you cannot help but feel anxious and overwhelmed. You are barely even through with the whole wedding planning and organization.

To begin with, you have not yet decided what kind of wedding favors to give away to your guests. Some friends advise you to have personalized candy bars as wedding favors but you are not that convinced. To help you decide, here are five reasons why many couples prefer this kind of wedding favor.

Reason # 1 – Candy bar wrappers can be customized

Like most brides, you would want your wedding event to be unique and extraordinary. Since candy bar wrappers can be personalized according to your personal tastes and preferences, you can be sure that these would help turn your wedding into a one-of-a-kind occasion.

Reason # 2 – Everyone loves chocolates

Do you know anyone who does not love chocolates? Probably not. It is one of those few things that most people like. There is no need worry about some people not enjoying this type of wedding favor.

Reason # 3 – These are widely available online

The online market is bustling with all sorts of products and services. It is also filled with many suppliers selling candy bar wrappers that come in different designs and styles. Just choose a reliable online merchant that has high quality wrappers printed professionally with high-grade ink.

Reason # 4 – Wrapping chocolates is a breeze

You can do it while watching television, while listening to music, while chatting online, or while doing something that would not require the use of your two hands. Not to mention, you can also ask your bridesmaids to help you do this. Because the work is so easy, they surely would not mind giving you a hand.

Reason # 5 – These are inexpensive but not cheap looking

This is particularly helpful if you are planning to have a budget wedding.  This type of wedding favor would enable you to enjoy extra savings. But the best thing about this is that even though you are saving money on this, you can still end up with beautiful and classy looking favors as long as you pick a sophisticated design and high quality candy wrapper.

Personalized candy wrappers are becoming more and more popular as a wedding favor. Not only would guests be able to take pleasure in chocolate indulgence, they would also be able to keep the wrapper as a wonderful souvenir to your memorable wedding event. You can even add a personal note to each wrapper to make the wedding favor even more special and unforgettable. Be sure to pick a design and text that you and your spouse would both love.

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Choosing Your Own Wedding Favor

Your wedding day is among the greatest days ever. It is the day the bride and groom bond as one. Unfortunately there is a lot of pressure on this day. There are so a lot of details, plans and pieces that come together to create it a fantastic day. The wedding favor is one vital part of the day, as this is the one factor that your guests take home with them. Wedding organizers and online websites have come up with so many new favors it’s tough to maintain up with them. The very best strategy to uncover the top favor is to go online and perform a search. There are several web sites catering to this marketplace and they all have interesting alternatives.

A wedding couple is now searching for a creative, customized wedding favor which will fit their identity. Chocolate and edible items had been at one well-liked wedding favors. Some other well-known items had been mix CDs, and gifts in connection with the location of the wedding itself. Wine glasses that guests could take house had been popular, as they could use them there. However, these most likely did not match the glasses they already had at residence. Other items which are related to the locale, will most likely be regarded as cute at the time, but then disposed when the guest returns home. Think of every item you obtain for yourself whilst on holiday vacation!

These items do have their great factors, even so cost is often an issue. A wedding favor that is too pricey for the return is not a good favor, specifically if the guests are not going to maintain or use them for a long time. When budgeting for a wedding, the favor is really a modest part, nonetheless whenever you multiply that by the number of guests attending, the total price can turn into fairly significant.

Wrapping of a wedding favor can be part of the customization. You can use preprinted bins or bags with the bride and grooms name, wedding date along with a saying that means a good deal to the couple. You then insert your wedding favor inside the personalized packaging.

Personalised koozies make a great wedding favor for numerous reasons. Can koozies – the insulated sleeves utilised to maintain drinks cool are beneficial and enjoyable. They could be personalised with the bride and groom’s name, date along with a graphic that reflects their personality. There are many various styles of koozies offered. Foam, collapsible and diverse sizes. There are several colors of can koozies available and combined with the number of ink colors accessible, the choices are almost limitless. These wedding favors also provide the benefit that they can be employed appropriate at the reception, and will probably be kept for a lengthy time frame.

Wedding favors have grown to be much more competitive. Businesses are offering savings for larger items, and offering faster shipping possibilities. They are offering far more selection on the colours and styles of the products they supply too.

It has turn into the expectation of the guest that there’s a wedding favor. We may not agree with that logic, but a wedding with out a favor is now fairly unusual.

Walter has been authoring articles online for many years. When it comes to great koozies, and wedding favors he has found a champion.

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Funny Wedding Speeches – Why Humor Creates A Great Wedding Toast

A wedding is a very wonderful occasion that will fill all those attending it with memories that they can enjoy for years to come. However for some it can prove quite a stressful time especially if they have been asked to give a speech. Of course by writing a funny wedding speech it can help to alleviate some of the pressure felt and provide guests with something even more memorable to remember.

Humor can be used in a destructive and harmful manner that will detract from the proceedings if you’re not careful. Before you go ahead and start writing your funny wedding speech there are certain things that you need to consider. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

Consideration 1 – It is important before you start to write your speech that you find out if those attending the wedding will appreciate you giving a funny wedding toast. Yes this is a time of fun and enjoyment but some people see the wedding toasts as being something solemn and important.

In most cases though you will find that humor has become an accepted part of the proceedings. If done correctly you can use humor to break the ice and relax your guests at the beginning of the speech and then close with more serious and heartfelt comments.

Consideration 2 – Make sure that if you are going to be writing a funny wedding speech that what you include won’t cause embarrassment to anyone who happens to be attending the wedding. Certainly if you are the best man and begin to make funny remarks regarding the maid of honour and the bridesmaids this could soon leave a sour taste in everybody’s mouth especially if you were dating any of them.

Consideration 3 – When it comes to using humor in your wedding toast make sure that you actually write a couple of different ones and then decide which one will work best with the people who have been invited to it. Then before the big day arrives it is a good idea to recite each one so you can get an even better feel for which one is going to work on the day.

So what reasons are there for you to incorporate humor into a wedding speech?

Well first off it can bring a little more fun to what so far has been a very serious affair with the couple saying their vows. Plus using funny wedding speeches can help to actually feel the guests at the reception feel more comfortable. As a result of this they will feel able to enjoy the reception that has been laid on for them a great deal more.

Adding humor to your wedding speech may make you look somewhat goofy to those that really know you. However if you convey the humor in the correct way it will enable you to get the attention of everyone in the room and as a result you will start to feel more confident and comfortable when giving your speech. This in turn will mean that you end up giving a much clearer and stronger speech to your guests.

Using humor in your wedding speech can be an excellent way to make a wonderful occasion even more memorable.

There is no need for you to be anxious about an upcoming speaking opportunity. Find more ideas for preparing and presenting a great speech at:

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Buying the perfect wedding gift

Getting wedding invitations in the mail is one of the most exciting things that can happen. It's always nice to feel appreciated, and being asked to take part in the most important day of a friend's life is a humbling experience. Of course, soon afterwards this gives way to worrying about what to buy the newly-betrothed! Wedding presents are one of those grand thank you gifts that lets you make a statement about how you feel about the couple. Here are a few suggestions to make sure yours really hits its mark.

A coffeemaker is always going to be appreciated. It is guaranteed regular use and a bit different from all the fine china coming the newlywed's way. You can make it into an extra-personalized gift by throwing in a pound or two of your favorite local roast.

A high-quality mixer alone won't make anyone the next Emeril, but it's a wonderful gift that will be sure to please. Kick it up a notch by including a beloved recipe from your own cookbook. This will add that personal flare to really make your present stick out.

Decorating your wedding ceremony aisle

You've agonized over the invitations and gone through every shade of every color of the rainbow when coordinating your decorations. Chances are you've got the details of your wedding down pat, but have you thought about dressing up the aisle itself?

Wow your guests before you even make your entrance with a gorgeous floral pattern There are many ways to do this. If you're feeling ornate, ask your florist if they'll create a path of petals for your walk to the altar. A row of daisies in an outdoor ceremony is a cute way to spruce up the aisle, too. You can also go for something a bit simpler by attaching small arrangements to the end of every other row.

If flowers aren't your thing, you can festoon ribbons that match your wedding colors down the aisle. Feeling lucky? Leave the decorating up to your guests! Place small bags of flower petals at the entrance for everyone to take. Encourage people to create their own decorative pattern as they make their way to their seat. It's a unique gift that will let everyone feel like they were a part of the wedding.